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Our new Lego Turing Machine (version 2)

We are at the Inria booth, come on to meet us and take a picture with it and win a Shirt


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From the 4th February to the 6th of May

Come and see the Machine at the Claude Bernard University (Lyon).

Let’s Compute with LEGO® bricks!

We created the RubENS project at the ENS de Lyon in France, it consists in building a computer with only LEGO® bricks! The design is based on a Turing machine, an abstract model of computation imagined by Alan Turing in 1936 at the age of 24. 2012 is Alan Turing 100th anniversary.

A pedagogical and pioneer project

The RubENS project is a visual and simple tool aimed at explaining the basics of computation to everyone. Our Turing machine is entirely mechanical: the only energy input it uses is compressed air at 2 bars. Nothing is hidden in it, for the first time one can truly see a computation!